Wednesday, July 4, 2012

As quickly as it began it was over…

Monday, July 2
6am came too early and I quickly gathered my things to catch a taxi. I headed out on the streets with all my stuff and thank goodness I found one right away. Off to the airport I met my plane and all was well. I had been upgraded to first class, thanks to one of my dear friends who works for the airline. I am telling you what that is the way to fly!  I sat next to a 20 year old girl from California that was just headed home from 6 months of study abroad. She loved it as much as I did. 3 movies, a little sleep and some reading later…we arrived in NC. Back in the states. It feels good to be home, yet part of my heart was left in Spain. I ran to my next flight and before I knew it I was in Phoenix! 21 hours of travel later I was nearly delirious. It didn't help that the few days before were severely sleep deprived. My Mom and Cousins Annie, Kristin and Haylee met me at the gate with the cutest signs they had made.
  It was so amazing to see them. How I have missed those faces. They helped me gather my bags and meet Conrad at the curbside where he was with our babies (the cat and dog). He couldn't leave them in the car alone considering it was 104 degrees out. I can't express how amazing it was to see mi amor. I am the most blessed woman ever. I snuggled the pets as we drove our way to Cave Creek where we are staying the next few days with Dad Loney and Kathy. It's good to be home but I do miss la playa (the beach) and mis amigos.
I will never forget the time we shared. In closing I would love to share the words of a family friend, David Stewart.
"I will live this day with love in my heart toward everyone and everything. I will look at all things with love. I will listen to all sounds and voices with love. I will taste and touch all things with love. Yes, I will live this day (and everyday) with love in my heart regardless of what comes or goes. I will live above the negative and will help myself to do so by saying silently to every person I meet "I love you." They may never know my inner feeling, but I will know, and as the days go by, I will observe my life changing for the better in every way...So, I begin finding the way to the good life now by saying to you: I love you my friend, whoever you are…"

Madrid and the Euro Cup Final…

Sunday, July 1
Kat Medill rang up to the apartment and helped me carry my things down for the taxi. I will miss my little apartment! After some laughs trying to call a cab one arrived. I enjoyed my train ride to Madrid. Alternating between sleep and reflection over the month past it was a great way to say goodbye for now to Alicante and the memories made there. I arrived in Madrid and grabbed a taxi to Lauren and her sister's apartment. Only she gave me the wrong street name and 3 suitcases and 2 back packs later (I carried her back pack so she didn't have to pay for it on the small plane to Madrid) I was in the wrong place. I was trying to schlep all that shit through the streets to find a wifi so I could call her. Only the wifi was so bad I couldn't get a Skype call to go through. UGH!!! I googled the name of the apartment building and on a hope and a prayer I caught another cab to the other side of the city. We pulled up out front and I said uno momento por favor…opened the door and hollered out BABY LOOOOOLA!!! Suddenly Lauren came bounding out onto her balcony screaming Ivy!! I have never been so relieved to find someone. She was worried sick about me too. I met her sister and got acquainted with the lovely apartment Raymond (their father) had gotten them for the week.
  Christen, who is Laurens sister had flown in to spend a week with Lauren in Madrid. She had just arrived that morning and was really jet lagged.
We laughed and talked and then walked the streets for a little lunch. We got some yummy food and wine. We walked back to the apartment and took a siesta in preparation for the game tonight. I got up a little before the girls and went down to a little boutique that was closed when we walked by. I scored some really cute clothes…even though I didn't have a bit of room left in my 3 suit cases. Lol. I couldn't help it the clothes were sooooo inexpensive. Back to the apartment to quickly get ready. We hailed a cab to meet la professora's, Kat y George to watch the game together. They too are staying over a few more days. We decided to watch the game in the lobby of their hotel. It was perfect.
 Espana kicked Italias butt 4-0.

 We left a few minutes before the end so we could be in plaza del sol in time to watch the people pour out onto the streets. And pour they did.
 People came from all directions hooting and hollering. We got caught up in the excitement and before we knew it us girls were in the fountain with the rest of the crazies.
 Hollering and splashing water on the crowd. We all shared a bottle of champagne.
  It was AWESOME in every sense of the word. The professoras and George headed back to their hotel and Kat came with us girls. We headed back toward the apartment just watching the people and hollering out, trying to match the excitement of the crowd.
We ended up in another fountain!

This time Kat stayed out and took a picture of us.
It was amazing. Back at the apartment we chatted and shared some wine. I got packed up and in our pj's we just hung out and listened to the people on the streets below. 
Of course we shared a lot more laughs!
We headed to find Kat a cab. It was quite hysterical! After a shower I crashed out and got a few hours of sleep before it was time to go to the airport!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The last day in Alicante!

Saturday, June 30
Wow! The last day in Alicante. I just cant believe that es finito! I will miss the beach and the people mucho mucho! We woke up early to finish up packing and cleaning the apartment. I took a small siesta waiting for the land lord to come do our check out. I spent sometime in the afternoon doing a little weefeeing (wifi) at the heladaria. I will miss these people so much. When I got back to the apartment I grabbed my baby girl (Alyssa) and we headed for some beach time.
  It was so nice just visiting with her and soaking up the last few rays of Mediterranean sunshine. We swam and swam. We got to laughing at a few of the Spaniards who were belly flop dolphin swimming. At one point I teased Alyssa, went to do the swim maneuver and then mooned her when my bottoms fell off. It was hysterical. We made our way back to the apartment and decided to go do some last minute shopping which turned into several hours of walking the streets. We found some great finds. I love Spanish style. We stopped by the Heladaria and Alyssa in her ever so good Spanish told them that it was our last day, that we would miss them and that we would be back. We got a kiss on each cheek from the three that were there working. How I will miss them! Our feet were killing us when we got back to the apartment to get ready for our last night as a family on the beach. We hung out for quite a bit in the apartment drinking and eating up the last of the food and alcohol. 
Everyone had to catch their flights early so we made a commitment to power through until the taxis arrived at 4:45am. We stopped by the Cuban bar for our last mojito together. A few of us decided to grab a kabob for our beach picnic. On our way Lauren decided to show us the view from this bar a guy had taken her to. It was amazing! 
We met everyone at the beach bar. Then we brought our blankets down to the water and camped out on the beach. A few of us decided to take a night swim in the ocean and it was so relaxing and a great close. A few people made a small bon fire on the beach. When we realized we had a little less than 2 hours to go it got pretty quiet as we all started reflecting and preparing to say goodbye. We all headed back to the apartments to get ready for the taxis at 4:45am. 
We all hugged and double cheek kissed goodbye. It was sad to see them go but I know I will see them all again soon. I headed back upstairs to get 2 hours of sleep before my taxi came. Madrid bound…